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About Hydrating Humanity

Hydrating Humanity's core identity is to realize REAL tangible transformation in the poorest areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe the spearhead into these communities has to be clean, safe water and hygiene education. Meet the crisis, save lives, love on people, build relationships and partner with others for lasting sustainability. Without clean, safe water and sanitation techniques, needless death, disease and billions of working hours lost every year will continue.

About Wells Thompson

I’m just a North Carolinian goofball living for the glory of Jesus! I married the love of my life, Daphne, in 2011. We’ve known each other since pre-k (no joke) and were high school sweethearts. (So don’t ever let anyone tell you fairy tales don’t come true.) We've been blessed with three boys: Declan (6), Kylan (3) and Soul (1) and a Golden Retriever named Spirit.

I played collegiate soccer at Wake Forest University and then went on to live out my dream as a professional soccer player for 9 years. I'm now chasing my dreams off the 'pitch' and looking for a business to buy. But, regardless of what I'm doing, It’s become my goal in life to use my life experiences and my platforms to inspire and encourage others, ultimately pointing them to King Jesus!

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